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How Do I Give my Bookkeeper Third Party Access to my Wells Fargo Account?

Security is always a very high priority here at The Numbers Guy, so we always try to maintain "Third Party" or "Read Only" access to our clients' bank accounts whenever possible. Wells Fargo Bank makes this setup relatively easy. Please follow these steps to grant us read-only access into your Wells Fargo accounts:

  • Log in to your business account at

  • Under Security & Support, find "Use Account Access Manager"

  • Click on Guest Users

  • Click on Add New User

  • Enter my information into the New Guest User form and create a unique username and password for me (note the password for me, of course!) in the top section

  • In the lower section, use the dropdown lists under "Access Level" to provide me with the appropriate level of access, either "View Only" or "No Access", then click submit

  • You will likely be prompted to verify your identity


Thank you for trusting The Numbers Guy with your QuickBooks Online accounting needs. If you have any questions about this process, please grab a spot on my calendar at and we can walk through the process together.

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